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Investigations comes in seven broad categories

Nuclear Medicine Imaging (Planner, SPECT)

Nuclear Therapy

General Ultrasound

High resolution Ultrasound

Color Doppler

Radioimmunoasssay (RIA) of hormones & cancer markers

Thyroid investigations

To know the fees of investigations

Nuclear Medicine Imaging
Planner Imaging
99m Tc-DTPA Renogram and Split Renal Function
99m Tc-DTPA Renogram with camera GFR 99m Tc-DTPA Renogram and Serum sample GFR 99m Tc-DTPA Captopril Renogram Serum sample GFR 99m Tc-DMSA Renal Scan
Probe Renogram Vesicoureteric reflux study Lung VQ scan (planner) Lung perfusion (planner)
Cardiac MUGA Cardiac first pass 99m Tc-Liver Spleen scan 99m Tc-Liver flow scan 99m Tc-Hepatobiliary scan 99m Tc-Whole body Bone scan 99m Tc-Three phase bone scan 99m Tc- Bone scan (single spot)
99m Tc-Lymphoscintigraphy for sentinel LN 99m Tc-Lymphoscintigraphy for lymphatic drainage Gallium tumor /infection evaluation Shunt patency study 99m Tc-Hysterosalphingoscintigraphy 99m Tc-Testicular scan (pertechnitate /RBC) 99m Tc-Salivary scan 99m Tc-Scan for Meckels’ Diverticulum 99m Tc-RBC scan for hemangioma evaluation 99m Tc-RBC scan for gastrointestinal bleeding 99m Tc-DTPA scan for soft tissue tumor ETT
99m Tc-DTPA Brain scan 99m-Tc MIBI Parathyroid imaging (planner) 99m Tc-Thyroid scan I-131 Thyroid scan (up to 200 micro curie) Whole body Iodine scan with I-131
SPECT Imaging
SPECT myocardial perfusion (Rest)
SPECT myocardial perfusion (stress plus rest) SPECT liver scan SPECT kidney scan SPECT bone scan SPECT 99m-HMPAO Cerebral perfusion imaging
SPECT 99m-DTPA Cerebral imaging 99m-Tc MIBI Parathyroid imaging SPECT Lung VQ scan SPECT Lung perfusion
Nuclear Therapy
Post-operative thyroid ablation with I-131 for differentiated Thyroid Cancer (100 mCi)
Post-operative thyroid ablation with I-131 for differentiated thyroid Cancer (large dose > 100 mCi)
Beta radiation of pterigium (post operative) P-32 treatment of polycythemia vera
Palliative treatment of bone metastases with P-32 or other usable radionuclide
Radionuclide treatment of arthritis (radiosynovectomy)
General Ultrasound
Hepatobilliary system (HBS) Renal system (KUB) Uterus adnexa Upper Abdomen Lower Abdomen KUB & prostate KUB with PVR KUB & uterus adnexa Prostate Fetal condition Whole abdomen Two system (HBS & KUB, HBS & UTAD, KUB & UTAD, etc.)
Echocardiography Ultrasound guided abscess drainage
High resolution Ultrasound
HRUS of Thyroid HRUS of Scrotum HRUS of breast HRUS of muscle injury HRUS of joint HRUS of superficial lymph nodes HRUS of infant hypertrophic pyloric stenosis HRUS of eye ball & orbit (one eye) HRUS of inflamed appendix HRUS of pediatric brain HRUS of eye ball & orbit (two eye) HRUS of psoas abscess HRUS of parietal mass US guided FNAC Endocavitary studies (TVS /TRUS) HRUS of penis HRUS of lymph node HRUS of Joint
Color Doppler
Color Doppler evaluation of carotid arteries Doppler evaluation of carotid & vertebral arteries Both lower limb Vessels Hemangioma / AVM evaluation Doppler varicocele evaluation Doppler evaluation of one upper limbvessels Doppler study of vessels of one lower limb Doppler of both upper limb vessels Doppler Renal artery evaluation Doppler Renal transplant evaluation Doppler evaluation of cirrhosis & portal hypertension Doppler evaluation of peripheral mass Doppler evaluation of abdominal tumor Scrotal Doppler Evaluation of pregnancy Fetal velocimetry Doppler evaluation of uterus adnexa Doppler evaluation of ectopic pregnancy Endocavitary color Doppler (TVS /TRUS) Doppler evaluation of lymph node Doppler echo Penile Doppler study
Radioimmuno assay (RIA) and Immunoradiometric assay (IRMA)
Triiodothyronine (T3) Free T3 (FT3) Thyroxine (T4) Free T4 (FT4) Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) Free T3, free T4 & TSH Total T3 T4 TSH
Anti-thyroid antibody Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) Luteinizing hormone (LH) Prolactin (PRL) Progesterone Testosterone
Cortisol TG plus TSH (package for NM followup patients only)
T4 plus TSH (package for NM followup patients only) Neonatal hypothyroid screening filter paper TSH
Cancer marker & autoimmunity marker
Alpha feto-protein (AFP) PSA Thyroglobulin (TG) CA-125
Carcinoembryonic antigen Thyroid microsomal antibody (TMAb) ANF Anti DNA Antibody
Miscellaneous NM tests
Schilling test RBC survival test
Thyroid investigations
This Centre provides one station service of all thyroid investigations. Following are the investigations done in the Centre. Tc-99 m thyroid scanning Serum total triiodothyronine (T3) total thyroxine (T4) assay Serum free T3 free T4 assay Serum TSH Thyroid antibody assay Neonatal hypothyroid screening filter paper TSH Thyroid ultrasound Whole body iodine scan Thyroid FNAC

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